Lidija's Paintings

An exhibition of Lidija's paintings and ceramics took place in September 2014 in conjunction with the Sydney launch of Lidija's book. The exhibition was held at the Sydney Latvian House, Strathfield.

Exhibition Catalogue (Microsoft Word) | Lidija's biography and Artist's statement

The painting medium is oil paints; mostly on canvas board; dimensions in cm, width x height. The paintings are in the order in which they appear in the catalogue.

The small images here do not show the whole painting. Click on the painting to see a larger version in full.

1. Viena no četrām – One of four, 17x12

2. Sarkanais jumts – The Red Roof, 44x34

3. Vilhelms Krēlis, Lidijas tēvs
Vilhelms Krēlis, Lidija’s father
, 24x29

4. Upes ainava
River Landscape
(1967), 39x49

5. Sausa zeme
Dry Country
(1968), 67x29

6. Elmārs Mednis, Lidijas vīrs – Elmārs Mednis, Lidija’s husband, 37x48

7 Ainava – Landscape, 30x22

8 Lauku māju saules gaismā – Country house in sunlight (ap 1960. gadu,
ca. 1960), 30x25

9 Katrīnas līcis – Catherine Bay
(pirms 1997. g., pre 1997), 43x33

10 Mekvorija ezers – Lake Macquarie (pirms 1997. g., pre 1997), 40x27

11 Piekalnīte – Hillock (pirms 1997. g.,
pre 1997), 49x39

12 Spensera strauts – Spencers Creek ( gadu pirmajā pusē, early 1980’s), 74x59

13 Snovija upe vasarā – Snowy River in summer ( gadu pirmajā pusē, early 1980’s), 28x21

14 Baznīca Epingā – Church at Epping, 60x50

15 Paramatas Upe – Parramatta River, 29x40

16 Ūdeņa skice – Water Sketch, 25x20

17 Šarlotes pārejā – Charlotte Pass, 25x20

18 Ainava – Landscape (ap 1967. gadu,
ca. 1976), 32x27

19 Perišera ainava – Perisher landscape, 27x21

20 Ezers – Lake, 24x19

21 Līča ainava – Bay landscape, 28x24

22 Ziedi – Flowers, 22x28

23 Springvudā – Springwood, 50x34

24 Saulespuķes vāzē
Sunflowers in vase
, 45x59

25 Avokas zemesrags
Avoca Headland, 44x34

26 Maručidores Upe
Maroochydore River, 60x35

27 Bukera līcis – Booker Bay, 49x24

28 Purvs – Swamp, 29x24

29 Rīgas iela – A street in Rīga,
(ap 1968. gadu, ca. 1968), 29x44

30 Vējaina vieta – Windy place, 45x60

31 Sidnejas ziemeļi – Sydney north, (1980.tos gados, 1980’s), 35x45

32 Ziemas zālites
Winter grasses, 40x30

33 Ielas ainava – Street scene,
(pirms 1968. g. / before 1968), 46x60

34 Māja un trepes
House and steps, 49x38

35 Pastorale - Thredbo Upe – Pastorale Thredbo River, ( gadu pirmajā pusē, early 1980’s), 39x49

36 Nelson – Nelson, ( gadu pirmajā pusē, early 1980’s), 50x35

37 Koki un māja – Trees and house, 49x38

38 Klintis un jūra – Cliffs and sea, 29x22

39 Jūras ainava – Oceanscape, 29x22

Exhibition arranged by Astrīda Mednis and Ojārs Greste

40 Margrietiņas un rudzupuķes
Daisies and cornflowers
, 36x43

Exhibition arranged by Astrīda Mednis and Ojārs Greste

Some of Lidija's ceramic works
Lidija Mednis (1923-2011) – artist

From the book “Australian Latvian Artists” 2008
(Austrālijas latviešu mākslinieku apvienība:






Lidija in the Australian Snowy Mountains, where she often painted
Biography: Attended Riga 2nd Secondary School 1937-42. Arrived Australia 1951. Attended Blacktown Technical College in 1950’s; private art classes with John Kenny, J.Abbott, Dorothy Davis and the studios of H.Justelius and Ross McBride. Exhibits within the Latvian community, Australian local group shows. Participates in the annual Latvian Art Festival exhibitions around Australia and holds solo exhibitions at the Sydney Latvian Centre, Strathfield. Her work is in the Leopold Sīpoliņš Collection in Canada, with Maija Augstkalne in Latvia and private homes in Australia and overseas. Lived and worked in Sydney.

Artist’s statement: During my enriching teaching years with the delinquent children at Ormond School, many who were very gifted, I felt that I also developed and grew in my own art expression. My developed
experience and knowledge was derived from experimenting with many different techniques and materials, where one new-found discovery led to searching for another. Art is like a truth bearer, whose purpose is to acquaint and familiarise people with Nature’s magnificence, colour, glory and the possibilities of using Art in everyday practical life.

My approach within the art world has been created from working, meeting and observing my fellow art colleagues, including my own family and school students. In my own artworks, painting mainly landscapes, I find that Nature is what guides people and teaches us to pour shining and warm colours in portraying something joyful in our everyday experiences. With light, bright brush strokes a painting can emanate a positive, sunny spirit, where in contrast using long, strong pallet knife strokes, an artist can, with their colours, create portrayals that are more tragic and melancholic. I believe that an artist’s role is to maintain and uphold the beauty of nature in human perception and to bring this beauty into people’s homes.

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